Monday, March 28, 2011

Colorado - Easter Sunday

Well I thought that Spring was etching closer (and it is) but this weekend temps were again in the low 30s upper 20 during the day and down below 15 at night. But the picture to the left was taken Sunday... We're getting there.

A friend of mine recently traveled to Colorado and I asked her to bring me back a post card. One of the places that she went to was Red Rocks Park. Red Rocks is located in Denver CO and in Red Rocks they have an Amphitheatre. My cousin will soon be going to a concert there but the primary stance of this blog is that they do an Easter Sunday Sunrise ceremony. Being that I have been to Easter Sunday's sunrise service (though not in a while) I bet this would be quite the experience. To be outside surrounded by nature just like they were the morning that Christ rose again. To feel the chill in the air and watch the sun come over the rocks must be absolutely breath taking. At least that is how I imagine it. Someday maybe I will make it there and see this place. I hope you get to experience it as well.

That's all for this week - until next time!

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