Tuesday, July 6, 2010

july already

Not to much new here. 1/2 way through summer. I've been fishing once - no fish. Tried camping but canceled due to bad weather. Seems the rest of the summer is booked up with wedding stuff, music stuff, water parks and once I have a free day hopefully some hiking.

Made it to Summerfest to see The Gufs and was very excited about that as they only play once maybe twice a year now but are so good in concert. There were many many bands I could have seen but alas taking all the days off plus having to pay to get in... well it makes me wish I lived in Milwaukee for 2 weeks.

Here in Madison they have "Concerts on the Square" from the end of June through the begining of August on Wednesday nights. I hope to make it to one or two at least. I've registered for a Camp Cooking Basic's class that REI offers for free and am looking forward to that. Another thing that I'm looking forward to is being past mosquito season. With all the rain and humidity they are thriving and my white legs are staying inside.

The brothers wedding is coming up in less than two months, the invites are out and I'm still waiting for my dress to arrive. Come on already dress! That and hoping my funky tan lines don't aren't funky for the strapless dress on the day of.

Thats all for now. ;)