Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I got to go to Noah's Ark

Got the gang together!! And we went to Noah's Ark for a day of fun in the sun and grilling/tailgating. Tailgating should be a staple point in all fun group activities and it's something new that we added last year for our NA trip. Socializing and hanging out!

The bridesmaid dress arrived finally! It fits, but is a might big. Thank God it's corseted and they can strap me in tight. Funny thing - they have to take 3 inches off it. Granted I'm wearing flats but I was still surprised. It comes with straps and looks good with or without them. I know people are ITCHING for pictures. There are no gloves or big bows like some had hoped, but the ladies at the store say it would look great shortened and turned into a party dress too...

Itching is the word for July/August with all the mosquitoes. Planning some hiking/outdoors this Friday in the Baraboo and bringing the big spray.
With the wedding, work, and gym I am staying busy. Gym at least 3 days a week. work 4-5. and well wedding it's on again off again.

Exciting trips coming up. I've got a trip to Appleton/Door County planned. Finally - never been there (DR Cnty) and we'll be seeing wineries too. Wine/Harvest Festival (girls only) and prepping an afternoon/grilling trip to a state park for the church I go to. Also, looking to visit the Galena area weekend after the wedding to check out some stuff. I find it's easier to make these plans and do them on my own. It's less disappointing when I can't find someone to go and adds to my experience and strength of doing things on my own.

Plans are in the works to start structuring my big Alaskan trip next year. It's been 4 years since I've been there (5 by the time trip rolls around). I'm picturing my suitcase filled with coffee and hip waders. 3 hour time difference. And have to admit kinda scared that I'd be the one to hook the 200 lb halibut. Uhm yeah - how am I going to get that in the boat?!

NEwho - looking to start dating and meeting people again. Should prove interesting as I don't know how to meet new people. Good luck to me. Darn being one of those people who loves instant gratification.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

july already

Not to much new here. 1/2 way through summer. I've been fishing once - no fish. Tried camping but canceled due to bad weather. Seems the rest of the summer is booked up with wedding stuff, music stuff, water parks and once I have a free day hopefully some hiking.

Made it to Summerfest to see The Gufs and was very excited about that as they only play once maybe twice a year now but are so good in concert. There were many many bands I could have seen but alas taking all the days off plus having to pay to get in... well it makes me wish I lived in Milwaukee for 2 weeks.

Here in Madison they have "Concerts on the Square" from the end of June through the begining of August on Wednesday nights. I hope to make it to one or two at least. I've registered for a Camp Cooking Basic's class that REI offers for free and am looking forward to that. Another thing that I'm looking forward to is being past mosquito season. With all the rain and humidity they are thriving and my white legs are staying inside.

The brothers wedding is coming up in less than two months, the invites are out and I'm still waiting for my dress to arrive. Come on already dress! That and hoping my funky tan lines don't aren't funky for the strapless dress on the day of.

Thats all for now. ;)

Friday, April 16, 2010


Planning two camping trips - Devil's Lake and Governor Dodge - hope it all works out. June will for sure. Septembers a bit far out for some.

Thinking on a trip to Tennessee Wine Country perhaps October, I hear it's beautiful and I've always wanted to go. Take a week? Have to find a travel person.

Joined the gym this week - saw the trainer for a "assessment" Wednesday. I suck. I cannot afford a trainer. Thats ok - I used the website they have and as soon as I get my legs to work normally again I'll be hitting that. Attempted using the ball here at home Thursday, not to shabby. The tri's are feeling it today as a the abs a bit - but thats the point yeah. Doesn't happen over night but if I keep pushing it. Hooah. Going in tomorrow afternoon after work too. Skipping Sunday and going Monday.

Keep running into these weekends where there are always two choices of things to do and I want to do both. It's a hard choice to have when you commit to one thing with someone and really look forward to it but then something else comes up too with someone you haven't seen in a while but this other thing is something that you really want to do but you want to really see the other person too....

Ahh life.

Seriously. Wine country in Fall? Takers?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lovely Monday

7:00 am - wake up thinking it's later... which is good. The whole place is cleaner than before and all organized. Watching season 2 of the office. Go to church - come home and watch the bachelor who picks Vienna, ugh. Whtvr. Currently reading Olive Kitteridge by Elizabeth Strout. It gets more interesting as I go...

10:15 pm - Door buzzer goes off... I usually don't let people in on a whim (hello - stupid. no.) so I say hello and get nothing. So I stand at the peep hole cuz I hear talking in the hallway and a firefighter walks by. All I catch is that they don't smell smoke... next thing I see is a firefighter taking a fan on wheels upstairs w/ a bucket. Don't know what was in the bucket but I only ever saw one fire figher. Weird.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Manic Monday

So Mom went into the hospital today. Thankfully after two rounds of tests all came back negative. A trip to the doctor for more tests will follow. Wow - wasn't planning that for a Monday. Thoughts of what do my parents have planned. What would life be like? Thankfully today we don't have to think about that but it makes me think about tomorrow and what life will be. What to think about and what to dismiss. 2 days until 30. What if she wasn't there.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Thank you

Thank you for putting Avatar on the Imax in 3D. I just saw it for a second time. I still love it and wish that I could be Navi and have an Ikran.

Also, made it home safely from Vegas with more knowledge than I left with. It seems even the little things help me learn more these days. Even the little things give me greater understanding. Each time I fly for some reason life becomes more clear and concise. Can't wait for my next trip, glad to be home but man I could use some more sun and a little warmth. It gets so cold here that sometimes it's hard for me to get warm. Single winters suck :P