Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alaska - Part 1

(Excerpts taken from my travel notes)

June 2, 2011

My house is going to be empty for the next 10 days, it's never been alone that long. My trip begins with a cab ride (Green Cab-Madison) to the Union to catch a bus to O'hare Airport. Get on the bus in Madison, switch buses in Janesville and then get to O'Hare about 5:30 am. Yes am! After a smooth check in and body scan at security I settle in and wait for my plane. It's always interesting to watch people come, go, and occasionally sit and chat with you. I tend to sit in one spot and occasionally wander, but mostly I prefer to sit and make sure everything will go smoothly. As always good to go! Six hours and one plane ride later (with a little turbulence, though I've had far worse!) I arrived in Anchorage, Alaska! Greeted by the fabulous Becky T I was swooped up and and taken back to the condo. So glad I got my own room/the future baby room (Hank arrived about 1 month after I flew home) for the entire stay.

Becky and I got me slightly settled and then met Chris for dinner downtown at Humpy's Bar and Restaurant. I ordered the Halibut Fish n Chips and was reminded that things in Alaska tend to cost more than they would in Wisconsin. A beer at McGinley's (lovely Irish Bar) followed! It was about 80 degrees that day in the sun. Unseasonably warm for June in Alaska.

Below are the mountains as I'm flying into Alaska... there is nothing like it.

2012 Blogging

So coming soon you'll be seeing some of what I call back blogging!!! Travels I should have blogged on last year and didn't so I'll be working on that this year. First stop?!


And no I cannot post all 432 pictures.