Monday, August 25, 2008

Monday Moday

Today is monday and the man has been gone since thursday. They started the trip back today and are staying in Sturgis tonight. He's going to be so sore from riding when he gets home. Thank god that some of the hotels have had hot tubs in them! I can't wait to hear all about the trip and see the pictures and the stories. I'm a little jealous to hear about him doing these things with out me BUT with all the riding that they are doing I'm glad that I'm not there. I would do a much more relaxed ride lol.

On another note this week is crazy! I had off today. Dropped off the car to get the "ding" on both passenger doors fixed. Picked up the rental. DOGDE CHARGER YEAH! Did some stuff for me. then had a dentist appointment to get my filling filled. I hate the dentist and the drilling. Not cool. But it has to be done.

On another note this weekend is Labor day and I FINALLY just hung pictures in my room as well as settling a little more and organizing and filing this weekend! After being sick for a month it was good to feel like doing some of that stuff. And with Labor day being this weekend...HOLY CRAP. Theres so many things to do this weekend. I have the option to go to Taste of Madison. Hang out with the mans family to make popcorn and then sneak it into the drive-in...

Friday, August 22, 2008

the road

It's amazing how many roads there are. I'm on the road to recovery. Feeling much better and have almost all of the weight (14 pounds) back on that I lost. While I wouldn't mind keeping 4 pounds of this off I'm just happy to be feeling like myself and smiling and laughing and goofing around again! Another road is the one that J is on. He and his father are riding (motorcycles) out to the Bad Lands and back. They left yesterday. Made it all the way to Mitchell SD in the rain. Pretty good distance for one day they said. I wouldn't know. We had a trip to the Harley Museum in Milwaukke last week to get him psyched and excited for the trip. It was actually pretty cool. I learned a lot more about bikes than I knew and we got to look at a whole bunch of bikes and talk about the Harley that he wants and of course the helmet that I'll have to get because I won't ride without one! We ate at Kopps for lunch stopped at Cap City Harley on the way home. Went out for dinner and then went to play volleyball with some friends (I watched, he played) It was a great day and since he will be gone this sunday for our 6 month (yes 6 months!) anniversary we turned that day into our celebration. It has flown by so quickly it's hard to beleive that it's been that "long" already. Plans now in the works for a very busy saturday and a no plans sunday. Have a great weekend!

Monday, August 4, 2008

lickity split

so here I sit flipping channels and it's the teen choice awards and rain wilson from THE OFFICE. Yippy Skippy I am ready for the new seasons of the following to start. The Office, Greys Anatomy, Battlestar Gallactica, Gossip Girl, Bones. As for life. Well I can't believe it's August already. Flower places are closing for the season. Corn is starting to be harvested. In two months the leaves will start changing and we'll start getting that nip in the air that will make us start getting out our sweaters and gloves. Cuddling up to the ones that we love and talking brisk walks in the cool air that turn your cheeks pink. Ok I'm not ready for that but I can't beleive that it'll be here before we know it. Ok, keeping this one short. Peace out. L.