Sunday, June 22, 2008

A view from the garage

Standing in the garage today I looked out and there was a steady drizzle with sun streaming through it. I honestly think that this is one of the most wonderful things that we could ever have been given. 28 years old and this still grabs my childhood wonder.

This weekend was my first trip to the farmers market this year. I came home with asparagus, strawberries, pea pods, baby lettuce, dill cheese curds, kohlrabi, green onions, flowers. Dinner tonight was grilled asparagus with butterfly cut jerk/pepper season grilled pork chops. Followed up with French Vanilla ice cream topped with peanut butter, chocolate sauce, chopped nuts and fresh strawberries. Beverage of choice was Spotted Cow from New Glarus.

Got the air conditioner installed. Killed two mosquito's. Finally got thru the movie Amelie. I love this movie. It's in French has subtitles and it just odd. Perhaps why I love it, there is not really an explanation for any of it the first time you watch it. I could watch this movie over and over again.

Went to THREE different stores today to find stinking "fans" for the adjustable "wings" on the air conditioner. Even the people working at Home Depot didn't know they had what we were looking for...we just happened to stumble onto them. lol. Gotta love that. Honestly some day I will have my own home where I only have to do all this stuff once and I will be done with it. Done I say.

Meanwhile. More boxes are unpacked. My oregano died. Everywhere I go they have Greek Oregano which looks absolutely nothing like the oregano that I had. Things are getting cleaner and more organized. I still have allot to do, but friend Shane will be moving in at the end of July and that will solidify thing a bit more around here as to what I can have out and where...I am missing my monkey clock in the living room...I'll have to dig it out. I think that I know where it it.

124 days until VEGAS 2008. This year hopefully...Hoover Dam, La Reve, Thunder from Down Under, shopping, and at least two buffets at decent places like Rio, Bellagio, or The Wynne. Down with the boys making all the decisions!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

a day in june

just past the center of the month. heading for the middle of the year. i'm again settling into a new place. setting up new house and new home. missing freinds to share it with. i've got that special person to share it with. but it's always the ones that you want here the most and can't physically have to share it with. thats a bummer. there is so much that I want to do all at once here. gardening. planting. painting. settling more. i've got the kitchen done. josh and I actually cooked a meal in it the other day. meatloaf! it was actually good. we were both impressed. now i have to unpack and put together the living room...i think that will be worked on like wednesday night. hopefully. the parents will be out on saturday to see it and come out. this week has had its ups and downs already. I'm ready for a relaxing weekend (lol) after the annual meeting on saurday. a trip to the farmers market is planned. mmmm cannot wait. josh has never been.