Friday, April 16, 2010


Planning two camping trips - Devil's Lake and Governor Dodge - hope it all works out. June will for sure. Septembers a bit far out for some.

Thinking on a trip to Tennessee Wine Country perhaps October, I hear it's beautiful and I've always wanted to go. Take a week? Have to find a travel person.

Joined the gym this week - saw the trainer for a "assessment" Wednesday. I suck. I cannot afford a trainer. Thats ok - I used the website they have and as soon as I get my legs to work normally again I'll be hitting that. Attempted using the ball here at home Thursday, not to shabby. The tri's are feeling it today as a the abs a bit - but thats the point yeah. Doesn't happen over night but if I keep pushing it. Hooah. Going in tomorrow afternoon after work too. Skipping Sunday and going Monday.

Keep running into these weekends where there are always two choices of things to do and I want to do both. It's a hard choice to have when you commit to one thing with someone and really look forward to it but then something else comes up too with someone you haven't seen in a while but this other thing is something that you really want to do but you want to really see the other person too....

Ahh life.

Seriously. Wine country in Fall? Takers?