Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Getting back in the habit

We haven't been doing allot of traveling - unless you could traveling round the state of Wisconsin to see the family, which means just a fair amount of time spent on the road traveling from place to place and not staying long because well we have to get to the next place and then back home again for... the dog, practices, life in general.

Here are some places on our list:
California, Sonoma County
Ireland (October 2014)
Yellowstone (camping)
New York, Fire Island
Dominican Republic?
Bristol Speedway (racing!)

Places we want to find more of:
Dog friendly hotels/cabins/camp grounds

I wish that we have more time to get to farther away places and we could bring Baxter, he would love to travel with us but I refuse to bring him on a plane unless he could sit in a seat beside us or at our feet. Until then, not happening.

Things I hope we get to do this summer:
River tubing
Noah's Ark
As always, see lots of friends and family!

In other news, Brett's started baseball practices for Stoughton Merchant's. Games officially start in May, and June bring tournament month. That month is one of the busier of the summer!