Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Springs Coming...

This month has been with making plans, putting dates on the calendar, getting ready for warmer Wisconsin weather and BASEBALL. I've already attended two Brewer's games and one of Brett's pre-season games. Brett and the team have been practicing off and on since mid February.

We had the baseball teams annual steak dinner fundraiser on Saturday, April 12. It's a long day, but it's our season opener when we start to see fans, friends, and our baseball families. The steak dinner fundraiser is held at The Legion in Stoughton (WI). It's only two blocks from our house, added bonus! We enjoy going there for drinks, friends, and sometimes a pizza!  We also scheduled a friend brunch the following day... Brunch was at Coachmen's Golf Resort, it was delicious and they even let us order a pitcher of mimosas. It was kinda like being back in Las Vegas, only we called it Edge-Vegas.

Phrase of the month: Life happens when you're busy making plans (unknown).

Some thought that this meant we were pregnant, but no, that's not it. We wouldn't tell our friends and family with a seven word mysterious phrase on Facebook! However, life does throw curve balls.

In this instance it was an opportunity to look at a house, and possibly put in an offer. WHAT?! That was unexpected BUT this house would be one that we could grow into, make changes and updates as we go, have room for Baxter to run (once we put up a fence), maybe get a second dog, have a bigger garden, etc. Of course we would have to upgrade the electric right away and get the fence. Not long after that we would need to look at investing in a riding mower (3/4 acre) and a snow blower (for those 6-8 foot drifts that happen). This house is now off our chalkboard so to say...and at this point, we don't imagine moving for a year or two. I'm not sad, I'm relieved. We would have jumped right in and made what we needed to happen happen, but now we'll get to relax and continue sprucing our little house and growing our gardens at home. Our home is small and we'll outgrow it someday, but we love it and it suits us. We'll continue to let it do so until God tells us we need to move on. We are thankful to have this roof over our little family's heads.

We've also been dabbling more and more into the Young Living Essential Oils. My mom, Colleen, is a licensed massage therapist and also distributor for Young Living. I enjoy using these oils, all natural and a therapeutic grade, for sleeping, keeping us healthy, and relaxed, and calm. You'll probably hear more about these as we go forward.

Until next time...

Lora, Brett, Baxter (dog) and Fred (fish)