Sunday, March 25, 2012

Alaska - Part 4

My friend is doing a triathlon today! Up at 7:45 am to head to Chugiak High School in Eagle to cheer him on. Afterwards we went to his in laws house to hang with the family and enjoy food from the grill. Later that evening it's off to Girdwood to have dinner at the Double Musky!! No wait for dinner on a Sunday, a nice surprise indeed. I had the Shrimp and Sausage Jambalaya with a jalapeno roll and salad with a sweet vinaigrette dressing. The Marilyn Monroe martini was OK, but not the best that I have had.

Alaska - Part 3

Day 3 - June 4, 2011
Woke up and went to the "weekly market". This market is mostly local food and a flea market type scene. I got a "pinotchky" or something spelled like that. It's basically a sweet dough filled with ground beef and cheese. Also picked up an Alaska dish towel, and raspberry rhubarb syrup. Afterwards we headed back to the house for a bit before Chris and headed out to Symphony Lake. One four hour hike and about 9 miles later we got back to the truck! It was awesome! Take bear spray if you go, always a good thing to have. We didn't see any bears (thankfully) but we did see a silver fox on the way home, he was a bit fast for my camera though. Back home we went to order a pizza and watch Gran Torino.