Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Little Norway/Cave of the Mounds

OK - So it's been a while since I've posted and yes, I've been doing some traveling!

Little Norway was pretty cool, being that I grew up in a slightly more north area of the state we didn't visit it in grade school so I had never heard of this BUT I greatly enjoyed it. You go and take a tour (guided) and they tell you all about the original owners of the property (how they came to the US etc) all the way to the present owners and how they used each of the buildings as well as the Norwegian culture. Again I grew up with allot of German lifestyle, so the Norwegian is a cool change of pace. After the tour you are welcome to mill around the grounds and revisit the outside of the buildings and peer in on your own. There is also a nifty gift shop there as well! (Bathrooms on site too)

Cave of the Mounds was different than I remembered it, it seems they have added more buildings! Granted the last time I was there I was a teenager (I think). The tour was still the same but the grounds have been expanded. You can have lunch on a grassy knoll or next to the tiered flower gardens behind the main building. For around $1 you can buy a map/flyer of the grounds that you can reuse again and again in the future. That's kinda cool to just go and walk around on a nice day. The tour you would have to pay for time and time again, but on the hot days of summer this would be a great place to take visiting friends and/or family. Mind you it takes a while for the caves to change their look so even 10 years isn't enough for it to change (it'll still look the same).

I don't have any pictures of Cave of the Mounds of Little Norway because Mom has them all on her camera.

In the Area - For those adults over 21 take a picnic to Botham Vineyard and buy a bottle of wine to enjoy on their outdoor terrace in Barneveld or The Grumpy Troll Brewery in downtown Mount Horeb for a beer and burger!