Thursday, December 24, 2009

EOY 2009

Ahhh what a year.

January - Broke up with J, checking into therapy. February - Trip to Amazing Key West with Mom, still in therapy, Turn 29. March - Finally a clean bill of health, now just check ups every 6 months until Sept 2010 and we'll be good. April - May. June - Visited JD in SC, got my new place back on the West Syde. July - Family vacation up north, friends C and B get married, D and H get their new casa, J visits from AZ, bbq, drinks and noah's ark are had. August - A and H visit, another trip to noah's ark. September - Badger Football tailgating starts, Taste of Madison fun, camping to Gov Dodge. October - More tailgating, Halloween in GB, brother gets engaged. November - Book trip to Vegas, celebrate C's 4th birthday, Thanksgiving in Tomah. December - got sick and out of work three days with URI and pink eye - feel five, work holiday party is a complete success as is the after party, holidays with family - 18 inch snow storm closes Wisconsin (literally) with state wide weather blast - NYE party to ship E off to the Army in January. Looking forward to in 2010... January - Trip to Vegas, goddaughters 2nd birthday. February - 30th birthday, ski trip to Northern MI. March - bro turns 27, JF expecting. April - DS and NK expecting. June - JJ getting married, possible camping. July - SUMMER HEAT, Art fair on the square, farmers markets, noah's ark. August - ?. September - Brothers wedding. October - ? November - ? December - ?...

As you can see it's a but out there to be looking at those months but these are just SOME of what I look forward to next year. As always it's been an interesting year but without interesting years my life would be no fun. I hope to be able to stay in one place of residence more than a year (some are running out of space to change their address books) but I can't tell what life looks like that far out. I'm going to miss my friends that are moving away and continue to miss those that already have. Your lives have touch mine in ways that continue to bless me day in and day out. Without my friends I would not be who I am today as you accept me for exactly who I am and laugh when I'm stupid, support me when I'm down and listen to everything that I am. Without that I would be nothing but a sad person that felt no one accepted her. Instead I am rich with the love and laughter of those that continue to be part of my life. Someday I hope to be able to travel all over the US and visit those who mean the world to me. I look forward to starting to look for an ugly sweater for next holiday season!

Much love and all the best in 2010. LA

Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa baby....

Working on Christmas cards and starting to wrap presents. Had secret santa this week and will be "revealing" myself to my person at the holiday party tomorrow. its been a little interesting with gifting this year as it makes me recall where I was a year ago at this time, which was a completely different place than I am now. While at that time I was in a "good" place. I know now that I'm in a "good" though different place. I've got loads of great friends and one couldn't ask for more than a companion in life, and while thats something that I would love... I would only love it if it were the right thing. I've got my mini tree (real) up and decorated with a set of mutli color lights and ornaments collected over the years from trips, travels and presents. The annual Christmas camel has been set up as well as the nativity and Grandma's mini snow-couple. AND I finally get to display my stacking Lang boxes as well. Something that when I lived with the guys never felt I could do. Things are rolling. Holiday party is tomorrow. The crew is ready, I'm gonna roll with the punches. Gotta go into work which should be ok. As long as I'm able to drop the stuff @ the venue. go home get ready and then pick up the yummy yummy cakes and PAR-TAY.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Already?

Well started out this month with a URI or Upper Respitory Infection and woke up this morning with Pink eye. Thats three days off this week that I wasn't planning on. But I have great co-workers picking up in my stead and the world has yet to fall apart there without me.

Christmas is a mere 23 days away. The work holiday party is a mere 10. Secret Santa starts Monday. I've done some Christmas shopping but seem unconcerned by the rest. I am not stressed about it for some reason. It seems most people haven't even done a list. I emailed one out and some seemed surprized about it. The larger items that I inquired on some seems surprised at. But oddly at my age and single status I have nearly everything that I want. Larger ticket items really shouldn't surprise people. I live in a stupid and only have room for so much.

On another note I discovered yesterday that my ipod has games. I now can sit in the lunch room and play games while listening to my music.

This year will be my last in my 20's. Next year starts my 30's and I do not feel old. This time next year my goddaughter will be almost 3 and have a little brother. My little brother will be married (god willing) for the second time and just over 3 months. I will have gone to Vegas for the second time in my life and taken my first ski trip. Mostly I will be one year ahead of where I am now. And I look forward to next year and all the good moments that I had this year. 2009 has flown by and they say the good ones go the fastest. I agree. I learned alot this year. Got to see many of my freinds and spend a good amount of time with each of them. Those are the memories that I treasure and hold in my heart until I get to see those people and enjoy time with them again. in the mean time in the words of Spock. "Live Long and Prosper" Now I'm going to go see if I can find my darn holiday stuff :P