Friday, July 10, 2009

Northern Vaca

3.5 hours north. fill up the car and head up! Get to the cabin and unpack. It take a little while to unwind from the to day rigamorol or go go go run run run. 6 days of no internet, roaming phones, fresh air and quiet mornings, afternoons, and fire crackling evenings. We stayed on lower gresham lake. We went there when we were kids. Haven't been back since, just me and the fam. No tv! (well three channels) It's so good when you can just unwind and forget what time it is. I haven't fished in so long. This year I bought my own pole. It's orange (my color). Crappies seemed to be the name of the game this year. With spinner lures. I'm going to have to learn to to tie knots now and get some of my own gear... or just keep using the bro's and step dad's. Another thing that I love in the north woods????!!!!! FLEA MARKETS! Oh they are so fun. lol. I get a set of 800 count sheets for $20.00 here in "the city" at any regular store you're going to pay SO much more. I also got a antique version of Pride and Prejudice (we're talking like hard cover old old old for $5 @ a rummage. LUCKY! The rest of the norm... We saw the movie "The Proposal" with the bro and his girl. Based mostly in Sitka, Alaska it made him want to go back - her want to visit - and me want to go too! It's SO beautiful in Alaska. All the same it's good to be home but it was great to be gone. It was good to think, and dream and wish and wonder again. Oddly enough I still feel like me, more than ever. Just me in my skin without someone. Now I just become me again. And stay me. And someday someone will like me as more than a friend for who I am. In the meantime I get to be me and stay happy and tell everyone to get used to it because this is me. Until next time.