Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Is a view always better?

Today was one a kind. Recently my office (which is two cubicles) lost one of it's tenants (not me) allowing me to switch to the window side. Now this allows me to view the parking lot and the comings and goings of all of our members. Last week I even watching one member hit another with their car. No serious damage but none the less *crashed*.

Today though I happened to look up and see this boy of thirteenish heading for the door... coughing. It's winter people cough. And then he stopped to spit (maybe a lougie) by the outside door. Coughing coughing and now he's throwing up. PUKING outside my window. And we're not talking the clear stuff here. We're talking... I won't go into detail. He then comes inside and I mind you was did that really happen?! Comes inside, sits down at a lobby computer and is looking at images of bongs. yes bongs. To top it off, why are these two kids not in school (maybe they were sick). And the Mom made a comment (while not tending to her sick pukey child) that I told you that you ate to many tacos last night. You made yourself sick. Thank you Mother for that one.

Needless to say the image stuck with me through the day giving me my own little gag reflex of awesomeness. It is NEVER a dull day at a credit union!

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