Monday, May 16, 2011

Split Spring Weekend?!

Here's the view from the inside today!

Saturday traveled down to Dubuque to visit a friend and often forget how close DBQ really is. Only 1.5 hours from where I live with alot of potential stops along the way. Historic sites, breweries, wineries, etc etc. Saturday was of course cloudy and chilly due to wind but it didn't rain! We went up in the Fenelon Place Elevator located in downtown DBQ. $2 round trip for adults it takes you up 189 feet to give you a panoramic view of the tri state area (IA,WI, IL) it's quite beautiful I bet when the weather is nice! After we ate at Crust (a newer restaraunt) comparible to, but different from, Benvenutos in the Madison area. Build you own pastas was a nice touch and the options were cool too! Sunday's drive home bought even more wind but at least sunshine and wispy clouds! A last minute decision to stop at Botham Vineyards in Barneveld involved the purchase of 2 bottles of wine. Complimentary samples are a plus. Only 30 minutes from Madison they also have a terrace you can sit outside and enjoy the country and your wine on.

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