Sunday, November 15, 2015

Essential Oils Email: Fall 10 2015

Welcome to your second fall email

from Lora Denniston Klitzke

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.  (Kurt Cobain)

The leaves are drastically changing and falling, Wisconsin's air is getting more and more crisp (though damp this week), and Halloween is just around the corner. Brett and I keep thinking that things will slow down and we'll be getting into more of a "routine", but life sure does keep us busy. I'm pretty sure we're in denial about anything slowing down!

Next month I'm excited to attend a training called 'Vets, Pets, & Essential Oils"! In our house we use essential oils regularly with both of our dogs. I'm looking forward to learning the ways of animals and oils from four vets who use Young Living oils and products in their full time practices and being able to share that knowledge with you.

Fall go to products list: Thieves anything, Rosemary, RC, Stress Away, Eucalyptus, ImmuPro, Inner Defense, Life5 probiotics.

My November order includes Lavender, EndoFlex, Copaiba, Gentle Baby, a Massage Gift Set, Peppermint, and Peace and Calming. What do you need added to the order?

Have you thought about being a Young Living member or retail member? Let's get you set up so that you can order the oils shipped straight to your door!! Ask me how!

Take some time tomorrow to re-read this email after your first read, then shoot me a message or give me a call with questions! I'm here for you!

Items of Note:
  • On-line Catalog Link
  • Next order being placed Saturday, November 7

Hope to hear from you soon,

Young Living Independent Distributor # 1774576

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<< the Dewdrop style diffuser >>

Fall Diffuser Recipe: Orange Spice
5 drops Orange
1 drop Cinnamon Bark
1 drop Clove
1 drop Nutmeg

We're diffusing this tonight! Next month (or before if you ask me for it) I'll share the Snickerdoodle recipe with you. All the great scents of cooking without the dirty dishes or calories!

Peace & Calming is back!

This oil, one of YL's most popular blends, is available again while supplies last. I can order only one per month so if this is YOUR oil let me know ASAP in case I need to start a waiting list.

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