Monday, August 11, 2014


Blog # 50, my how far I've come since 2008. My first post was three lines...

It's somehow hard to believe that we are nearly halfway through August 2014 already. My car turned TEN yesterday! We sure have been through a lot together in 10 years, to celebrate she's getting an oil change and wheel bearing replacement on Wednesday. Hey - live large right?!

I/we've been doing a lot of reading lately, some of the books on topic include Go Pro - 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional (Eric Worre), Financial Fitness (Brady and Woodward), and Hungry for Change (Colquhoun and Bosch). We are always trying to learn and better ourselves, sometimes it's hard because I don't know where to start and I just want to work on everything. All. At. Once.

That's not how it works... so instead I regularly renew the length of the books that I've borrowed from the library OR I return them in the hopes that my interest will peak again in the future, thus leading me to borrow them again.

We're regularly (thankfully in smallish amounts) harvesting from the garden our fruits of labor: tomatoes, zucchini, kale, onions, and cucumbers. I don't think that the second batch of spinach is going to take off, that's kind of a bummer but there is always next year (peas and beans are in that boat too). My problem now?! Grocery store items taste so bland and I'll be bummed once then end of the season comes, but it'll give me something to look forward to next year. Making the veggie garden better and working on the perennial garden out front.

In baseball Brett coached in the Home Talent All-Star game this last Friday, and coached again in the playoff game against Albion. Unfortunately the Merchants did loose to Albion, which ends our Sunday league season for the year but we still have Thursday night league. Thank you to everyone that has come out and supported us in supporting the Merchants. Many of the team are like family to us and we are so blessed to have them in our lives.

Coming up in the next month we have more reading, starting a Facebook business page to promote essential oils and crafts, canning spaghetti sauce/salsa from the garden items, some river tubing and a few camping trips too!

Hope you are enjoying summer!

Stay tuned for a Facebook page titled simply LO.VE. (short for Lots Of Varied Experiences)*.

*Had to tweak how the FB page punctuation was show due to Facebook not liking the way it was written. Darn "The Man".

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