Thursday, July 31, 2014

End of Summer?!

Where did summer go? I just got in invite for an "End of Summer" party... technically we have until September 20 but weather in Wisconsin can be touchy!

That being said it's the end of July and we've had a busy month filled with parades, baseball, fireworks, anniversaries, kayaking, learning about oils, improv, friends and family... the list goes on!

One highlight was the Escape Adulthood Summit put on by Kim and Jason Kotecki! Their mission is to annihilate adultitis! Lets be honest I have adultitis. The theme this year was 'Transform' and the event was held at Olbrich Gardens (during their annual Blooming Butterfly's event - hello transforming). I'd never been to Olbrich with the ability to wander the gardens, but this gave me and Brett a chance to do so, it's free and I hope to go again soon without all the mosquitoes. Kim and Jason's website is here >

A few pictures from the event:


I'm looking to work/start on a business Facebook page, where I can more freely talk about Young Living Essential Oils and the selling of them, as well as whatever else my heart desires to create and sell... as well as ways to tie my blog site in as well. More on that in the coming months I'm sure!

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