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October YL Essential Oils - Sleep Aids

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Brett and I are back from Ireland (for about two weeks) and as always we hit the ground running... we lead very busy lives and because of that we often have long days and find it hard to shut our brains off. That being said...

Who doesn't like a good nights sleep?! I know the people in our house do! This email is all about essential oils that aid sleep and sometimes snoring too. 
Items of Note:
  • Lets learn together!! ​I would love to get to talk about any questions you might have! If you have any questions or are interested in getting together one on one just let me know. Lets grab a beverage!
  • In November I'll be placing my order the evening of Sunday, November 2 and my email/blog will be on essential oils to aid anxiety and emotions.
  • I'm not a doctor and neither I nor the oils make miracles, the oils work differently for everyone.
  • Always do a test spot when trying new oils (the underside of the upper arm works best, and one drop will do).
Sleep Aids:
Tranquil Rollon - a blend of lavender, cedarwood, and Roman chamomile essential oils blended with coconut oil. This blend is effective in reducing restlessness, decreasing anxiety, and inducing a calming feeling to the body and mind.
RutaVaLa Rollon - a blend with lavender, valerian, and ruta blended with coconut oil. This blend promotes relaxation of the body and mind, soothes stressed nerves and induces sleep.
Valerian - An oil clinically tested over the last 30 years for it's tranquilizing properties. This oil is know to exert a calming effect to the central nervous system and is often used for insomnia and anxiety.
Orange - An uplifting oil known to boost immunity, induce relaxation, and reduce depression. It's also very tasty in my daily water bottle!
Idaho Balsam Fir (can aid snoring) - This oil is known for it's ability to aid in healing respiratory conditions and relieving upper respiratory system infections and fatigue. IBR is also known for stimulating the mind and relaxing the body!
Ylang Ylang (Flower of Flowers) - The flower was once used to cover the bed of newlyweds on their wedding night. Diffuse this oil throughout the night while sleeping or massage 2-4 drops of oil neat* onto the soles of your feet just before bedtime. *Neat = straight from the bottle, no carrier oil. You can add a carrier oil if you wish, just put socks back on after.
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