Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A year, and then some

We made it to our First Anniversary! (Brett's wearing his Lucky Guy shirt)

Yes, this post is a bit delayed. We've camped, flown, gotten passports, played baseball, went to baseball games, thought about a different house, stepped back from thinking about a different house, thought about another dog (still occasionally do), the list goes on.

We also went across the pond to visit Ireland! Best. Trip. Ever. My next several posts will be on our trip/honeymoon. We were there for nine amazing days. Things I loved the most: culture, food, Smithwicks (pronounced smid-icks), Irish Coffee, Jameson Whiskey, the land, the history. Many thanks to our family who watched Baxter and fed Fred while we were gone, in addition to taking us to the shuttle bus and picking us up from the airport.

Here we are back in Chicago!

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