Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Love the earth and sun and animals, and your very flesh shall be a great poem ~ Walt Whitman

We often long for change, and then suddenly it's upon us. September has arrived and already there are apples, soon there will be pumpkins and apple cider. What seemed like so long ago, is now just around the corner... our trip to Ireland is approaching and that means it's time to start thinking about clothes and what to pack, among other things.

As always we've been keeping busy. I started the holiday weekend a day early and celebrated by shopping and getting lunch with my friend Sara. I had the whole day because Brett was working and then assisting his dad at Madison International Speedway on the safety truck.

The next morning we packed up the car, picked up some beer and headed to Lodi/Sauk City for some camping and tubing the Wisconsin River with a group of my friends. We'd never tubed this section of the river and the rain definitely added some extra to the trip, thankfully no lightning but the sirens did go off just as we were putting in. After tubing we headed back to Crystal Lake Campground for a taco/nacho dinner that everyone chipped in a little something for, a draft for Brett and shower for me was needed so we headed up to the camp store/bar/pool (there's a POOL!?) area for free wifi so Brett could do his draft. Eventually the others meandered up and we all meandered back for SMORES!

Sunday was definitely for relaxing, and we had some friends over to cook out and sit around the driveway fire. Monday included more relaxing.

I also took Tuesday off, some relaxing with a massage from mom followed by errands and another step closer to having our office/craft room more streamlined. The book shelf is finally empty! Books have been, or will be, stored away or put in the Little Free Library pile to get dropped off. I have books from 1999! I primarily use the library or get the book on our Nook (if available), Brett uses Audible to listen to books. My current read: Hungry for Change. Brett's has downloaded, but not started the Divergent Series. I've already read all three of those (on our Nook), I'm holding off on reading Four.Other office items have gotten chucked, stored, or will be donated.

Food experiments this week: crust less cheeseburger quiche (I forgot to thaw the crust), Japanese cucumber salad, a zucchini and ravioli lasagna. Most are recipes that I get from Pintrest and alter as we feel fit.

Tonight as Brett was golfing (I ride along) we could hear a chopper heading our way, sometimes this means Med Flight but thankfully not tonight. Tonight it was a Military medical chopper (think MASH, but modernized) doing their practice maneuvers, I still get excited to see Military vehicles of any form. As we're creeping closed to another anniversary of 9/11 and on-going terrorist attacks (ISIS in the news),  I'm reminded how extremely grateful to ALL of our service men and women past and present I am.

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