Saturday, July 12, 2008

white coats

ahhhh so a lovely evening last night (not really) followed up with a visit to urgent care this morning. So I went in last week for symptoms. It seemed to be getting better. But then again, funny how things can be decieving. Up every hour on the hour last night. Throwing up even water this morning. Called the parents. Urgent care doesn't open until 9. Well you can bet they let me right in. lol. 2 bags of saline. Minus 2 vials of blood and a prescription for 7 days of antibiotics. As well as strict orders to follow up with a family medicine doctor (great now I gotta find one)! So they are still doing labs and have more tests to do before they find out what is wrong. I apparently have some sort of infection. My white blood cells are up. Hence the anitbiotics, so we wait and see. Meanwhile monday I will have to call and see if I can get my doc reassigned. It very likey could be from the lake water in a flood area that I swam in and not intentially got in my nose/may have swallowed. We shall see. All I know is that I can't wait to be better again. Due to this I am missing Art Fair on the Square with my stepdad who instead got to spend time with me at urgent care. As well as a work Brewer's game which I organized. Oh well, the cost of health is priceless. Plus now my step dad and bro get to go to the game in my place. Works good since the bro was suppose to go to the game tonight. Got there and then realized that the tickets were in his car. In Lake Mills. Woops...Hopefully on the path to wellness. I will keep you posted.

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