Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ireland Honeymoon Day Seven

8:00 am leave time this morning.

Thankfully on our way we stop at Hannon's Hotel for a coffee (or tea or whatever) break. Today we're crossing the River Shannon into County Westmeath! We stopped at Killgeggan Distillery, now a boutique operation on site, and owned by Tullemore for a tour on how distilleries functioned back in the day complete with waterwheel and steam operations.The smells here are amazing and after the tour you get one of their shot glasses (with whiskey). Brett's thoughts on the whiskey was "it's ok" and mine was "I didn't like it". We also got to stop here for a group lunch complete with Irish Coffee, I do so love me some Irish Coffee. Brett had the ham and cheese, I had the spicy beef sandwich. After lunch we had back to Dublin to check into the Ashling Hotel for TWO WHOLE NIGHTS! No more bog roads! After arriving at the hotel we relaxed a little while we waited for our bags to be delivered to our room, and because it has out gratuity for John (our tour guide) in it. This is also the time that we will out our CIE comment cards and prep our tip envelope for John and walk a little before heading to dinner. While stopping to look at a menu we realize that someone is taking our picture! It's Bob and Jean, sweet! Now we're getting drinks with friends before dinner!! In we head to Ryan's Pub to join them and the Rush family, we end up ordering a sampler of beer (why not try everything you can) an find out that Larry Jr has already paid for it. The sampler is followed by another beer for me and a whiskey for Brett before dinner!

Dinner tonight is a three course, private party meal at Brazen Head Pub complete with an evening of Folklore and Fairies. This is our last night with the group as a whole, and it's truly bittersweet. Dinner was amazing and so filling! I saved my first Guinness here in Ireland for dinner tonight; with it I had a fishcake starter, poached salmon and apple cake. Brett had the potato and leek soup...

this is where my notes stop! My goodness.

Even as I was re-reading this I keep remembering the little moments and that my heart was sad to say goodbye (or until next time) to all these great people that we met and spent the week with. The entire week was a whirlwind of awesomeness and I'm honestly surprised that we were able to keep up with notes until now!
Two people from our group testing whiskeys!
Classic car at Killbeggan

Johnny Appleseed telling us about Folklore and Fairies

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