Sunday, May 3, 2015

Ireland Honeymoon Day Five - Longest day ever!

Written by: Brett Klitzke

We ended up not getting a whole lot of sleep (last night) due to the excitement of the day. After we got back from the golf simulator and the fact that it was pouring outside I couldn't sleep. So our 6:00 am wake-up call was horrible. We got up, washed up, packed up, and headed to breakfast. After breakfast we started what John had said the night before to be the longest day on the tour! Even though it was long and by the end of it we just wanted to get off the bus we took a ton of great pictures and we have lots of good memories that will last us the rest of our lives.

First stop today was catching the ferry across River Shannon. On the way off the ferry we saw another CIE guest walking off the ferry evidently missing her bus before it left! Good thing though when we were driving out of the ferry parking lot another CIE bus was stopped, hopefully waiting for her! Upon which Lora turns to me and states, "If you ever leave me like that, ahhhh - I will put my fist in your eye." Upon which I quickly responded, "Well your head already did that yesterday." The people around us got a good laugh!  

After that we were headed to the Cliffs of Moher - John made many great stops, and not all were part of the tour, so that we could get some great photo shots. On the route to the cliffs we were shown the lead singer of The Cranberries former residence, famine huts, former castles, watch towers and lots of IRISH scenery. The Cliffs of Moher were great, and we got to stretch our legs a bit walking up and down the hills taking great shots of the cliffs, the ocean, and ourselves when we weren't awestruck!


We ended up getting lunch at a local pub and were able to sit with Tom and Susan again! Fish and Chips was a popular choice since we both had it! After lunch we headed to Galway for some shopping, stopping again for some more fabulous photo ops. 

Once in Galway we were able to walk down what we considered a State Street replica, but bigger and more stores. Since Lora and I were shopped out we decided to just do a quick walk through the main street then headed back to the hotel where the bus was located and grabbed an Irish Coffee, and waited for the others to return. Much more relaxed than the rush it seemed everyone was doing. After this stop John brought us through a few other smaller towns and made a couple extra stops for photos, all the while trying to stay awake as much as possible with little success. We ended up making it to Westport and checked into our room, had dinner and for the first time on the trip relaxed, this mainly consisted of recharging all of our electronics for the next day (phone, cameras, Nook)! We turned on the TV for the second time all trip and proceeded to figure out where we'd been and recall what we'd done! a good nights sleep and a late rise considering we don't need to be up until 8:00 am!

This little family owned hotel was ao beautifully quaint and amazing.

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