Saturday, January 17, 2015

Ireland Honeymoon Day Four

No luggage! (That means we're staying in this hotel a second night)

We do still have a 6:15 am wake-up call, today we're heading to the Dingle Peninsula. Our tour guide, John, has been driving three days straight so today we have a different drive and John is our tour guide. It's really nice that CIE has something in place to give the drivers a break. Sean O'Sullivan will be driving us in the rain today.

On our way to the peninsula we stop at many (I don't remember all of them) beautiful overlooks. One of these was Inch Beach! In Dingle we first stopped at a local jewelry shop, remembering that the euro is more than the US dollar we didn't see anything that we had to have. There were many in our group that ended up getting an item to take home but we were glad that we stuck with our decision to not purchase anything at this shop. One the road again we drove to Slea (Slay) Head stopping to view early monastic beehive huts. After this drive around the countryside we head back into Dingle to wander the city and get lunch. We ended up at Murphy's pub for a Smithwicks (Smidicks), coke, beef burger dressed with bacon and cheddar (cheeseburger w/bacon in the US), and fish & chips. Huge lunch! Note: Irish have take everything slow, lunch isn't served in 10 minutes and make sure you ask for your bill early.

Next up we head to the Dingle Brewery (yay beer)! Here we learn about their brewing process, and I'm surprised to learn just how small this brewery is because they seem to be everywhere (even in the plane flight to Ireland). They created the beer named Creans, named after Tom Crean, who made three trips to the Antarctic. We're hoping that it'll be available in the states soon!

Dinner on this day was at Kate Kearney's Cottage! I've been looking forward to this dinner, which includes another history story, music and traditional Irish dancing. Brett and I had THE BEST Irish Coffee here and dinner was amazing! I had the smoked salmon appetizer, chicken & veg, and Bailey's cheesecake for dessert. Brett had the fried brie, chicken & veg, and Bailey's cheesecake. This cheesecake had the best crust I've ever had. The ride home was interesting as we haven't yet driven at night in the bus on some of the narrowest roads I've traveled (and it's was rainy). We also ended up being me up a locket watch and getting the nephews a couple authentic Irish hand drums that will be sure to drive their parents crazy (sorry guys).

Once we got back to our hotel we walked up the street so that Brett could check out a golf simulator. It was fun to watch him practice his swings and see how the simulator responded!

6 am wake up call in the morning is going to come sooner rather than later!



I'll end this post with a beautiful shot of the clouds rolling in from our balcony.


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