Sunday, November 23, 2014

Twas the week before Thanksgiving

Where has this year gone? Thanksgiving is next week and we've got most of our plans set for that and busy nights (the usual) leading up and following the holiday.

I've been borrowing lots of books from the library, and paging though them as possible (they're not novels). My favorites so far are It's All Good and The New Irish Table! I LOVE that I was able to borrow both of these books from the library, both are pricey to invest in and I love to be able to preview books such as these before spending funds on them. Love Love Love.

We've had an interesting couple weeks around here, starting back around November 7th we discovered that our drain in the basement was backing up things that one doesn't want backing up... ever. We got a handle on that or so we thought (more later).

November 14 our fur baby, Baxter, went in for a tooth cleaning they knock you out for at the vet. Mid-morning the vet called and said that they found a pocket above Baxter's large upper molar. Oh goodness, thank you to Brett for being available as I was in a meeting. If we chose to leave the molar in the pocket could get food stuck in it, leading to potential infections and pain for the buddy down the road. We made the choice to have the tooth pulled. This led to soft foods for 2-4 days (this doesn't always agree with border collie tummies), Baxter did so well taking his antibiotics and pain medicines until day 4. That's when the vomiting started, cease medicines and we're working on a chicken and rice diet until his tummy settles and we get him back on track again. We're just so glad that we're able to take care of him the way that he needs. I'm very thankful for our Little Green machine, this was a wedding gift from our bridesmaids that I consider a lifetime investment.

November 16 we discovered that the basement drain had backed up again. (Hand on forehead) Enter D&L Drain Services (Stoughton WI)! They arrived within an hour and a half of our call (on a Sunday!!) and had things back in working order within the hour, just in time for Sara's Tastefully Simple party at our house. Picture Lora scrubbing the basement concrete floor with Thieves Household Cleaner from Young Living Essential Oils (and some bleach, old habits die hard)! That floor has never looked so good!!

With the already frigid temps well below 20 degrees here in Wisconsin, we're not sure what the winter is going to look like. Rumor has it the winter will be worse this year than last (dislike). Friday, November 21 we had freezing rains overnight followed by heavy patches of fog off and on Saturday. Brenda and I are thankful that our men we're able to get up on the roof tops and put up the icicle lights. Now that they have that done, ironically the temperature outside is now near 50 degrees!

I got to spend and surprise my mom with a birthday dinner complete with her favorite dessert pecan pie (thank you Lane's Bakery). We did have plans to go to the Madison Women's Expo but her knee was hurting so we kept it local and supported the Stoughton small businesses by doing some more Christmas shopping, enjoying Saturday soup lunch at Maerz's, and hanging out at our house to work on documents for Mom's business, she's been at the massage business for over 5 years now and she's awesome!!!

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