Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Storms Galore

Starting my week out with Rosemary oil as my Young Living Essential Oil (YLEO).

We were pretty lucky in the Stoughton area to not get much damage *knock on wood* from the storms that we've had. Storms do however affect baseball fields, hence Thursday's game in Monona has been rescheduled to a currently unknown date. We did win at the Fort tournament Friday (taking first) and our game on Sunday though!!

This past weekend marked the one year of Grandma D passing, first official days of summer and helping our freinds R&B move out of Stoughton. We're not glad to see them go, but it does mean that we get to see some different scenery every once in a while!

The joys of gardening ~ the garden is loving the weather, and the rabbit has thouroughly enjoyed eating my spinach and the mosquitos are horrible due to all the rain that we've had. I've planted fresh seeds, gotten metal rabbit fencing that should be up this week, and I'm now looking into organic sprays that I hear the bunnies don't like. They involve cayenne or red pepper! If you have any tips PLEASE feel free to share them with me. Shout out to Kopke's who let me bring Baxter in while I was shopping for more flowering plants last week! We hung another hanging pot in front of our living room windows. It's very nice with the wind chimes and hanging pots out there now.

We did add a new finned family member on this last weekend (thanks to Tanner & his friend Eddy) who won him at the Fort Festival, he's currently doing well in his own tank (Fred was recently upgraded to a larger bowl). If he continues to do well, we'll see about moving them both into the big bowl.

Are you ever asked "What's new?" by someone you don't see very often and it TOTALLY throws you off guard? We've noticed with as busy as we are we don't always remember "what's new" and are going to try and ask ourselves that question before we get into activities where it might be a question that comes up.

Until next time...

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