Sunday, March 3, 2013

New Beginnings

As I sit watching the sun rise over the smoke from the neighbor's, what I assume is, wood burning stove all is quiet and right with the world. It's been a while since I posted, again. This doesn't mean that we haven't traveled. We went to Door County last September and again in January with friends, as well as Las Vegas in October. While I'm all for traveling in the winter, I'd rather travel somewhere warm. Door County is great but the weekend we were there is was 40 degrees and all the snow melted. Hence, carriage ride instead of sleigh ride. But, the wineries were still highly enjoyable!!

This year I'm getting MARRIED. Wowza. This cuts travel funds back severely and makes me wonder how we're going to go to the places that I/we want to:

Noah's Ark, River Floating, Texas, Florida (Orlando), California (Sonoma County), Tennessee, Arkansas, Yellowstone (Camping), Chicago (Art Museum, Bike or Architectural tour), Milwaukee Brewers games/Art Museum, Michigan, Abroad

Most of these trips are to with or to see close friends who live far away, but some of them are not and that doesn't make them ANY. LESS. DESIRABLE. The one thing with us is that we love to go and do.

I think that this year will be a conglomerate of camping, day trips, and road trips. I know my friend Anna and I want to hit the open road and with or without our men it's going to happen. It'll be great no matter what.

So I sit on the couch planning and organizing and scheming with my trusty pile of stuff, it'll all work out.

Brett and I regularly use the app "Out of Milk", it's a free app that you can upgrade if you want to pay for it. We personally are good with the free version. What we love about it is that we can sync it; he can add something or I can add something to one of our synced lists and boom, we both have it. It does shopping lists, to do lists, pantry list, and even has a sale price area now too. I love it.

I also use the app "Color Note". It's similar to the "notes" that I keep in my Outlook at work, I love it.

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