Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Off to the races...

This last weekend was my first trip to Madison International Speedway. As you may or may not know Brett and his family are BIG into racing. Complete with pools and fantasy leagues. This is not something that I'm overly accustomed to, the racing of cars in circles.

I went prepared with my ear plugs as I don't like loud noises and we made it just in time to catch the end of the time trials. There are two short 8 lap races, then a 50 lap, 40 lap and another 50 lap. I've gotten used to observing the races on TV but in person there is so much more to absorb. There's the noise and the smells and the crews working around the track.

We had fun with it and the night ended with fireworks and a trip to the pits. Let me tell you some of these crews have quite the trailers. I'm told that when they travel as much as they do they have to have a home away from home. Next time we go I'll get the real ear protectors (similar to those used in gun ranges) and perhaps a headset so you can hear what's going on over all the noise. The ear plugs block out the announcers voice.

We've got a trip to Door County coming up in two weeks with a group of friends, more blogging to come at that time!

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