Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Alaska - Part 2

It's tourist in Alaska time for me! Time for my trip to downtown Anchorage. There is allot to do in d-town for the locals and tourist. Also, it's summer so the weather is warmer. Also amazing is how many Packer and Badger shirts we see. If you are in Anchorage check out the Salmon Bridge. We didn't get to see any Salmon, but we did see a few fishermen and lots of grey water. While we were in the area we stopped at The Ulu Factory. Very cool, make sure you pack them in your luggage and not your carry on if you do buy one. For lunch today I had a spicy reindeer dog with ketchup and cheese. It's sliced in half and put on a bun wrapped in foil. They are served by several vendors on pretty much each street corner.

Happy hour/dinner was had at Simon and Sieferts. All appetizers! Teriyaki tenderloin with ginger and white rice! I highly suggest it. Afterwards we experienced "First Friday". I loved it! The galleries in Anchorage downtown stay open later and put out snacks and everyone wanders around looking at art! It was the first time I got to see a bit more of the younger alterna crowd come out.

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