Thursday, October 30, 2008

NON- VEGAS Vacation

OK, So I was off for 7 days and it felt like two weeks! That's awesome :)

So I spent the first three days with my boyfriend doing whatever we wanted or didn't want to do because we both had off which almost never happens. Went over to see Granny and take her out to lunch while Dad was in Mexico. Hung a couple pictures in her "new" place and had a good visit. Came home did a little shopping in the Madison area then went to his house. The next night was dinner with his parents and aunt and uncle. Phew passed another test! On the way there (Dubuque) the spring in his car broke. And I guess now the struts are bad too, not sure what he's going to do there. Saturday was nice. We sat at home eating popcorn and watching movies. Sunday he went back to work and I grocery shopped and went to bible study.
The next three days were spent without him, perfectly OK as we talked most nights.
Monday was me me me day and lunch with mom at noodles downtown. I wasn't impressed with my noodles, to overcooked :(. Tuesday was shopping in the dells with friend Deborah. We shopped for ourselves and all ages of little munchkins. Had lunch and were still home by 5. Seven hours of shopping was enough. Wednesday was a sleep in/lazy day. Saw the movie "The Secret Life of Bees" good flick with Carol and Grace followed up by dinner at Hubbard Avenue Diner. So good to catch up with the mother daughter duo I haven't seen them since I think it was March :P And now it's back to work. 2.5 days until the weekend. It'll be nice to see everyone again. I was saying Monday that I miss everyone but not the work so I'm not ready to go back. After working a 1/2 day this weekend it'll be off to spend some time with Josh and then his nephews birthday a bowling alley! And talk with mom, Karen, about the specifics of Josh's 30th birthday party. I always tell him he's an old man.
More next week I'm sure! tt4n - Lora

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