Monday, September 15, 2008

like it!

Wow. Got a nice weekend behind me. Sending cards to my ma, don and two joshuas. My friend, joshua's grandfather passed away today. It was sudden and unexpected. I'm sad for him as over the last month my own grandmother has not been doing so well. I have plans to see her next weekend in my head but sometimes thats just not the way that it goes. This last weekend it was cold and rainy. A trip to the farmers market brought fresh yummy veggies. Cucumbers, zuchini, peppers, peas, cilantro, tomotos, lettuce, beets, koharbi, and apples! I can't wait to try those!!!! Yummies. Needless to say this week will be salads for lunch with all sorts of fresh veggies and yummies. My moms came out and we had dinner at the great dane friday night. mmmm fish fry. Saturday was the farmers market followed by pedicures and lunch followed by mom getting like 13 inches of hair cut off!! Then I came home and relaxed. Ha ha napped from like 5-630. Packed and headed to joshuas. Sunday we bowled. 115 131 and 99. Seeing as I'm finally feeling better I think that was the heaviest thing that I've lifted in quite a while. LOL :( It's sad actually. My energy is coming back. We like to take walks at night. For some reason he likes to walk after dark lol. Anywho. After bowling we came home to cook. And cook we do. A double batch of brownies in the oven. Marinated pork chops. roasted zuchini and potates. Grilled peppers, stuffed with rice and corn. PLUS salads with apples, zuchini, olives and vinigrette. Follow that with brownies and frozen moose tracks.

Fall is coming. The chill is in the air. Nights are cool and then warm the next. Winter will be here before we know it. I must get a sled this year! It's crazy to think about Christmas already. LOL.

This month apple picking and the comedy club.

Next month VEGAS!!!!!

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