Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Lodi Wedding

Memorial Day weekend wedding.

I'm always amazed @ how many people show up for these seeing as it's a holiday weekend. But I don't think that it's crazy busy for people like the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, or Christmas...The Bride Sue Brown. The Groom Eric Hardel. Freinds of Josh, the man I am currently dating. He was the Best Man. :)

Friday - Josh and I went to the bride and grooms house where I got to hang out with twin six week old girls while the guys prepared food! (score). Then the guys went to get the tuxes and I was left to cut fruit and watch the babies. Yikes. They are both still under 8 pounds! Needless to say we are all still alive. Then was the rehearsal, very cool paster. Then the dinner. Sitting around the bonfire and eating and just hanging out. Very Chill.

Saturday - Up @ 6 to get Josh to Lodi to eat breakfast w/ the whole crew. They had to be @ the golf course for an 8:00 tee time. We all had to be to the church by 1:00 so that the men could finish dressing and start pictures...by now no one has really eaten lunch and we're running a bit behind schedule (so much for grilling out @ lunch, lol) The ceremony started a little after 3 and was great! The bride and groom rented a stretch hummer. The wedding party got to go in that. (Nice!) Me and the other guest book attendant (new title, got that friday night...) took Josh's truck and cruised up to the dells. The food was ok. Others agreed, I really wanted a cheeseburger after dinner, not sure why... Much fun was had at the dance. My guy decided to shave his leg friday night and put a garter on. Fooled the groom until he got a look @ his "brides" foot. The words "I hate you" followed a very confused look. The night ended up with several of the bridal party in the pool formal wear included. Long day. Lots of fun followed w/ a chaser of Advil

Sunday - Gift opening. Left over giant strawberries dipped in chocolate. Lunch @ Moosejaw w/ the families of the bride & groom. them home to finally relax by 6:00 pm. Good weekend :) Great wedding. We didn't get any pictures (he brought his camera but didn't use it) but I know that likely the photographer did and the brides mother did for sure of the two of us.

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